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Housing and Financial Counseling Services

Eileen Knott  HUD Certification #T3TNNUEqual Housing Opportunity logo - Habitat For Humanity of Greater Los Angeles

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Many people have the misconception that I will wave my finger and tell you what not to spend money on. Financial Counseling is about you getting in relationship with your money and empowering you to make the choices you truly want to make in order to achieve your financial goals — not just wonder where it all went before the next check comes in. Every financial decision you make affects your entire life –from what you do with that spare change to planning for retirement.

As a HUD certified Housing Counselor, I can assist clients who live in any location for free with:

Individual Counseling 

Financial management and budget counseling consists of education and training in managing your cash flow. How to save, pay off debt, prioritize and discern needs and wants

Pre-purchase counseling is for individuals considering home purchase, including tips, pitfalls, understanding terms used by the banks, understanding fees, understanding the professionals involved and how to figure out exactly how much house you can afford and maintain a sustainable budget after home purchase

Foreclosure prevention counseling is for those who may be headed for mortgage delinquency or are currently behind in their mortgage payments

Non-delinquent post purchase counseling assists those who already own a home with financial counseling and can include applications for home repair grants

Rental counseling is for those considering renting, currently renting, need assistance with section 8 paperwork or are having landlord difficulties

Homeless counseling is for those affected by a loss or potential loss of a place to live

Home improvement and rehabilitation counseling is for seeking home repair or home repair grants  in a home they already own

Educational Workshops

Fair housing education workshops are offered to organizations that need to understand more about fair housing laws. They are especially important for the towns we serve

Financial budgeting and credit workshops are offered to groups/ organizations and as a part of our Home Ownership Academy to received mobile home replacement grants providing education on the creation of a sustainable budget, managing cash flow and fully understanding credit, credit scores and credit reports

Non-delinquency post purchase workshops are for those attending our Home Ownership Academy to receive mobile home replacement grants which include topics like taxes and insurance, home maintenance and safety

Pre-purchase homebuyer education workshops provide education on what terms mean, ways to save money, the roles of the professionals involved, pitfalls to watch out for, grants if available

Disaster preparedness workshops help clients become aware of the necessary steps to take in preparation for basic services not being available

Sessions can be done in person, over the phone or zoom. Schedule your appointment today! 

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