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Financial Counseling

Western Catskills Community Revitalization Council, Inc. is a HUD Authorized Counseling Agency and provides financial counseling to residents in Harpersfield, Kortright, Middletown, Roxbury, and Stamford in Delaware County; Ashland, Halcott, Hunter, Jewett, Lexington, and Prattsville in Greene County and Blenheim, Broome, Conesville, Fulton, Gilboa, Jefferson, and Summit in Schoharie County.

Financial counseling includes budgeting and credit management. The counseling is designed to educate and support clients with a goal of financial stability.

Contact us today for an appointment and see how financial counseling could benefit you.

  Housing and Financial Counseling Services

Many people have the misconception that I will wave my finger and tell you what not to spend money on. Financial Counseling is about you getting in relationship with your money and empowering you to make the choices you truly want to make in order to achieve your financial goals — not just wonder where it all went before the next check comes in. Every financial decision you make affects your entire life –from what you do with that spare change to planning for retirement.

As a HUD certified Housing Counselor, I can assist clients who live in any location for free with: 

  • Financial counseling including credit repair and managing your budget
  • Pre-purchase housing information, education and affordability
  • Rental counseling
  • Foreclosure prevention
  • Financial management for existing homeowners

Sessions can be done in person, over the phone or zoom. Schedule your appointment today!

Eileen Knott, 

Housing Counselor

607-652-2823 Ext 105